Taste of Ireland 8 days
  Day 2: Breakfast at the hotel. Sightseeing bus tour of Dublin with a visual inspection of the Cathedral of St. Patrick (St. Patrick Cathedral) (originally on this site was…

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Bus tour in Sol-Iletsk
  Sol-Iletsk is a small town located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, 970 km from Ekaterinburg. There are salt lakes, similar in composition to…

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A Unique lake with the unpronounceable name
  Sometimes it seems that the lake, which is called the Elgygytgyn for it already deserves attention. Fortunately, it not only is interesting this is one of the many unique…


Cycling through the Karelian isthmus

Priozersk-Larionova-repairings-Brusnichka-6 [10 km]

Asphalt highway with heavy traffic.

Priozersk-Larionova-Eye-coastal-9 [22 km]

Motor to asphalt, then gravel road. The traffic is weak. Possible sand.

The roads

11-9-10 [18 km] highway Gravel, sometimes sand. Passes through a picturesque area with a pine forest. On the left, almost all over the highway, steep slope to the coastal terrace of lake Ladoga. Good approaches to lake no.

10-8-12 [20 km] Gravel highway, rocks, sand. After the Solar village — asphalt. The terrain is flat, only in the Ural district of the village a number of UPS and downs.

12-1-6 [18 km] Asphalt highway St.-Petersburg-Priozersk. Intensive traffic.

1-2-3-4-5 [12 km] of Forest road with a hard, sandy coating passes through the pine forest. On the left you can see the lake of Sewage. It is very swampy, access to the water there. Special attention should be paid to the plot 2-3-4, as a straight piece 2-4 impassable, the road is completely overgrown. In point 4 can meet wetlands, the road descends almost to the level of Shrub swamps stretching to the right. Then the road opens out onto a large cutting and is suitable to lake Great Care. The lake has a high coastal cliff on the southern shore of the several hills, the banks are overgrown with pine trees. The lake water is clear and bright.

5-6 [7 km] Dirt road passes through a spruce forest, possible muddy areas.

5-7 [4 km] of Forest road with a hard, sandy coating passes through a pine and mixed forest.

7-8 [10 km] Forest road, the coating solid, in places of possible dirty areas. The area is covered with young mixed pine-birch forest, then pine forest.

7-9 [11 km] Forest road with dense sand the coating down to the Ladoga lake levels. Seats possible the sand. As you get closer to the Ladoga lake, there is a boulder. After the second half of the road, some areas are almost completely covered with stones, the movement is complicated.

13-14 [1.5 km] Narrow forest road down from the coastal escarpment to lake Ladoga. Possible dirt in front of the lake — sand. Coast of Ladoga lake in this place is very beautiful. On the shore the pine forest with grass litter, then sandy beach. On the right a rocky headland. You can drive on the beach in a northerly direction. It should be noted that in coastal forest many ants.

5-15-7 [7 km] Forest road with a firm sand cover along the Great lakes Caring and the isthmus between it and a Small eco-friendly lake. High shore, sandy. The lake is Big Careful a lot of places for bathing. Small lake overgrown Careful. To the lake now there’s a side road to the left. The lake has a rugged high banks, the water is clear with a bluish tint, a lot of places for bathing.


In this area of interest are the Great lakes now and Gentle, and the coast of lake Ladoga. The most interesting entrance to the area with the metro Mullapalli.

Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted – a unique lake in Canada.
Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted ( Spotted Lake ) is located in Canada, in a North-westerly direction from the town of Osoyoos (Osoyoos), 8-th kilometer of Highway a-3. This is…

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Clear lake
  In the five years of the action "360 minutes for Baikal" from the shores of the lake took out 140 trucks garbage Annual all-Russian action of En+ Group "360…


Volcanic lakes and Italian Goodies
  Trip with a visit to the beautiful surroundings of Rome, lakes of volcanic origin and ancient towns. This is a great opportunity to escape from huge cities, to rest…