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Who kills the unique lake Bolshoye Toko: Mechel


In February of this year in Yakutsk reserve “Big Game” recessed heavy dozer type by Caterpillar or Komatsu .

Dozer tried to get in the winter with the help of divers did not work. When the ice came down, made another effort to pull heavy equipment, but the cables broke and the 50-ton machine went even deeper, where lies still.

What is drown heavy bulldozer? This means – to release into the lake more than a ton of diesel fuel, lubricants and technical liquids. And this is a real ecological disaster!

When in 90-ies in one of the lakes drowned the wedges, where only 200 litres of fuel – the fish was nearly 10 years.

Where to watch environmental surveillance services, you ask? They are desperate to cover this environmental crime! In the month of April in an interview to a local city newspaper, there were two official but blatantly false explanations.

Konstantin Ushnitsky, Deputy head of environmental supervision of the Ministry of nature protection of Sakha(Yakutia):

– We refute the rumors about the drowning of a bulldozer in the lake Bolshoye Toko. In February of this year an inspection of the lake was out of our staff, who were found on the dozer equipment on caterpillar standing in the water.

Stanislav Budaev, Chairman of Neryungri Committee for the conservation of nature:

– That in January in Bolshoe Toko fell to the bulldozer, we were informed only last week. We are not inclined to fully trust this information, however, you should definitely check it out. In my opinion, most likely we are talking about the very heavy machinery which had been discovered on the lake in February. The bulldozer was in ice, but the ice itself didn’t leave.

But later, in answer to my parliamentary inquiry, Stanislav BUGUEVA had to deny himself and to admit that the bulldozer ZAO «MSS” still was allowed in protected areas (protected areas), and in oral conversation confirmed that the bulldozer is still on the bottom of the lake.

What makes a powerful technique in the reserve – documentary data are not yet available. However, reliable sources claim that the lake is built a holiday cottage guide Mechel. Of course, there are no permits. And why should they, if even with the Republican leadership in the conservation you can always negotiate that they will not notice the construction.

Video: oz. Great Toko, the diver goes under water to explore the wreck of the bulldozer .

PS the Delegation of scientists of the Russian-German expedition “Yakutia-2013” conducted studies on the lake Bolshoye Toko. Scientists are convinced that the world expect sensational results.

«We are very grateful to the University for the support – appealed to the rector of the University Professor Institute for polar and marine research Alfred Wagner Bernhard Diekmann. – In our long-term studies of Eastern Siberia lake Big Toko is undoubtedly one of the most important objects for study. Great Toko – pearl, surviving in nature in a single copy. The lake is unique as existed during the ice age, preserving the “historical records”: the analysis of water, bottom sediments can tell us about environmental conditions of the Holocene and the development of the climate system of the Arctic”.

The scientists said that long dreamed of such expeditions and are very glad of the results. Parties a tremendous amount of work. Studies of the collected materials will be conducted by both sides – Yakutian and German. The first results will be announced by the end of 2013 and will be reflected in international scientific journals.

Bernhard Dickmann expressed concern about the future of the unique lake – now it is in the center of the coal development of the Elga Deposit. In the case of the territorial development of coal mining the water is quite dirty.

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