Inland waters of Africa
  In terms of total annual flow (cubic 5390 km) Africa is behind Asia and South America. Pools area, length, volume of flow, many rivers are among the largest in…

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Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted – a unique lake in Canada.
Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted ( Spotted Lake ) is located in Canada, in a North-westerly direction from the town of Osoyoos (Osoyoos), 8-th kilometer of Highway a-3. This is…

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The Pink lake Hillier
  The Hillier lake (Lake Hillier) located on the Middle island ( Middle Island ), the biggest of the Islands and islets that make up the archipelago Recherch ( Archipelago…


Wonderful lakes of Ukraine

Lakes of Ukraine are scenic places that you like to relax as residents and guests from far and near abroad. Number of lakes more than 3 thousands, but really beautiful and clean bodies of water among them not too much. Unfortunately, many lakes are polluted with sewage, littered with debris and are often ugly and pathetic. The more valuable the water, where the ecosystem is preserved in its original form, where the water is clean and clear, and the flora and fauna with its variety.

Amazing lakes of the country

– the lake, which is among the «Seven wonders of Ukraine”.

The existence of such a huge accumulation of fresh water was possible due to a descent of an ancient glacier and subsequent exposure of artesian water for many thousands of years

In length the lake Svityaz of 9.3 kilometers, and its width at different sites ranges from 4 to 8 kilometers. Covering an area of the surface of the lake – 24,2 km2. As already noted, it is the deepest lake in Ukraine – deep in the deep from the bottom to the surface about 58 and a half meters, and the total water volume is approximately 190,7 million m3. Svitiaz belongs to the group of so-called Shatsk’s lakes

In the East of the lake is the picturesque tree-covered island with an area of about 40 000 m 2

There are several legends explaining the origin of the lake and the island. According to the most common, once upon a time children to graze on the meadows the cattle and ran them near the dog. At a distance were elder and when he barked the dog – younger pastorate began to laugh, and the older began to fend off a stupid dog. Looking at this, the elder called the shepherds, led them to a large stone, lifted it with a stick and the surface water flowed. Almost immediately spilled a huge lake Svityaz . which immediately drowned verdict against the ancient postulate Junior and senior boy and a girl the elder went on, but said that they in no case must not look back. Unfortunately, in the end, curiosity got the better of children and they turned out – at the same moment on this place there was an island, and the children turned sycamore and Linden.

The lake is remarkable for its crystal clear water and a complete absence of any additives, making this delicious water, as the Lake, not in any other lake in Ukraine. Due to the high water clarity, sunlight penetrates to great depths, which is beneficial to the diversity of what is happening in the lake’s biological processes

Because of the huge size of the lake in bad weather raised foot waves

In the summer the lake warms up well and, thanks to the clear water and gently sloping bottom, is unsurprisingly popular with tourists. Compare Svityaz with Russian counterpart here — lake Baikal in Russia.

– real, shining with purity, the pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Sometimes it is also called “Sea eye”. Indeed, the photographs from the satellite Synevyr resembles the eye of an incredible size. The area where the lake is very picturesque. Around – only high mountains covered with emerald pine forests. On the shores of the lake to relax from daily worries, breathe fresh air, relax and rejuvenate.

Sinevir is located in a mountainous area at an altitude of 989 meters. To get the most convenient to Synevyrska Polyana village through the town of Khust or through the mountains.

The Most unique lakes of the planet Earth
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Toba - the largest volcanic lake in the world
  Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world and also the largest lake located in Sumatra Lake Toba is in Northern Sumatra, about 45 kilometers from Berastagi…


Who kills the unique lake Bolshoye Toko: Mechel
  In February of this year in Yakutsk reserve "Big Game" recessed heavy dozer type by Caterpillar or Komatsu . Dozer tried to get in the winter with the help…