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Toba – the largest volcanic lake in the world


Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world and also the largest lake located in Sumatra

Lake Toba is in Northern Sumatra, about 45 kilometers from Berastagi at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level, about 200 km North of equator.

Lake Toba is a large – 100 kilometres long and 30 wide, but also deep – its depth is over 500 meters, so the Toba has the 11th place in the list of deepest lakes in the world.

For the first time, lake Toba has been described by the Dutchman Herman Neubronner van der Toucam, but because of his large size just through in 82 years, in 1929, it was identified as a Caldera.

Lake Toba was formed as a result of the most powerful in the last 25 million years of volcanic eruption that occurred about 73 thousand years ago.

The eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO Toba was incredible strength in the air has risen more than 2,800 cubic kilometers of volcanic rocks, more than 800 cubic kilometers of settled as ash.

Together with clouds of dust and ash was thrown up to three billion tons of sulfur dioxide. 20 000 square kilometers of land surface were destroyed in a moment.

The average temperature in the Northern hemisphere fell to 21 degrees. The population of Earth was reduced ten times, three-quarters of the flora of the Northern hemisphere were killed.

According to scientists ‘ estimates, after the eruption of the volcano Toba on the whole Earth there are not more than ten thousand people.

Form rugged shores connected with volcanic origin

Descending into the water, the mountain ranges look impressive.

The surface of the mountains adorned with bristles forest. The trees grow on the ridges – it is probably on the protruding edges of volcanic rock stuck wind-borne seeds of these trees.

On the slopes of mountains are commonly found in tropical pine forests.

At the Northern tip of lake Toba is a waterfall of Sipiso-Piso. The height of the waterfall is greater than 120 meters.

Sipiso-Piso is unique in that its source is an underground river flowing beneath the surface of the plateau, which is cut a vertical gorge.

In Batak legends gorge waterfall formed after the battle of the dragon the underground river with supernatural beings inhabiting the lake Toba.

Under the waterfall Sipiso-Piso, on the shore of the lake is the village of Tanghin

Another look at Tanghin.

To Tonggyo from the falls of Sipiso-Piso leads the serpentine length of about 5 kilometers.

You can go on foot, and can be reached by any met marshutka-bemo for half a dollar.

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