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A Unique lake with the unpronounceable name


Sometimes it seems that the lake, which is called the Elgygytgyn for it already deserves attention. Fortunately, it not only is interesting this is one of the many unique places in Russia.

If you look at the lake from above, immediately struck by how sharply defined his boundaries and how correct almost round shape has a contour of its shores. All this apparently not by accident. Scientists suggest that it was formed 3.5 million years ago on a place of falling of a large meteorite, that is, in fact, it’s a hole, a crater. The first is the lake described in his works by the famous Russian geologist Sergey Obruchev, son of Vladimir Obruchev, author of the famous “Sannikov Land”.

Most of the year the surface of the lake is covered with ice, in some years it does not melt even in summer. The lake shore is covered with permafrost. Flow into the lake about 50 tributaries, the lake the river flows Enmyvaam (tributary of the Belaya river. the basin of the Anadyr river).

Elgygytgyn lake, view from space

Translated from Chukchi “Elgygytgyn” means “white”, “non-melting”.

The settlements near the lake there are no roads to it.

Scientists believe that the lake has never been subjected to glaciation, which affected the whole Arctic and “mixed” soil so that more than a few tens, maximum hundreds of thousands of years scientists can not penetrate. It’s like at the scene – if I visited somebody and stirred for evidence, the whole picture is almost impossible to recover. And only in the Elgygytgyn lake can be found untouched by glacier deposits, which are 3.5 million years and to restore the pre-glacial history of the region. For example, to prove that the glacier was in Europe was a subtropical climate.

The valley around the lake are full of life. You can see foxes, moose with wide antlers up to 2 meters and even the extremely rare black squirrel. In March the club runs blue polar Fox by 60 – 70 birds. The spectacle of so-called “wolf weddings” leaves a lasting impression. In early April, in the valley of the lake down herds of wild reindeer in some years, reaching 130 – 170 thousand heads. Around herds of wandering bears accumulate up to 15 individuals. They are a kind of nurses.

And inside of the lake can find its own unique features. In lake Elgygytgyn lives albacore pallium Svetovidova ( Salvethymus svetovidovi ), local fish species described in 1990, cannot be found anywhere else outside of this lake. This view is also only representative of the genus. In order to protect the lake was declared a nature sanctuary in Magadan region. Surprisingly, this species was described relatively recently: even though it is not found in the lake is not a rare fish – the population is estimated a minimum in 100 thousand.

Albacore Svetovidova pallium (pictured – top) rarely hits the camera lenses

Albacore paliya is a small fish with a length of 16.3—33 centimeters and weighing up to 400 grams. Distinctive features are high flattened laterally body, hunchbacked, very short snout, large eyes. The lower jaw protrudes forward, particularly in Mature males. On the jaws, tongue, Palatine bones have a powerful klinovidnye teeth. Brook trout can live up to 30 years.

Elgygytgyn lake is exploring a huge consortium of scientists from around the world, and maybe soon we learn of him something unique.

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