The 10 largest lakes on Earth
  If during the upcoming holidays you do not want once again to go to sea, we offer you a great alternative – the lake. Here is the list of…

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Karakol lake - Bear mountain
  The Altai mountains – land of the lakes . many of which are known far beyond its borders. Among the most popular tourist sites – Karakol lake . Special…

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The most beautiful lake Sary-Chelek
Lake Sary Chelek is the most beautiful lake in the West of Kyrgyzstan. It is a nature reserve (Sary-Chelek biosphere reserve) included in a register of the UNESCO. Kyrgyzstan wants…


Top 10 Most unusual, awesome and unique lakes in the world


Not all lakes are as simple as they seem. Some are huge, some as salty as the Dead Sea, but each of them is unique and entertaining. You just need to take a little risk and you will see such things as…. These are the Top 10 Most unusual, awesome and unique lakes in the world

10. Jellyfish – jellyfish lake

The Jellyfish lake is located in Palau. Because of its isolation from the ocean and low population of predators, the Golden jellyfish that live there thrive and reproduce at an astonishing rate. Millions of jellyfish migrate from one side of the lake to another and back every day, a giant swarm.

9. Resia, housing the Lake Resia

Located in South Tyrol, a province in the North of Italy, and is an artificial lake, which was created in 1950 as a result of the fact that the nearby river had been dammed. Several of the villages were completely submerged, with only the Church bell tower rises above the lake’s surface. In the winter when the lake freezes over, people can go to the bell tower. This is one of the most unique lakes in the world .

8. Superior – a lake for surfing

When we talk about surfing, we prazolam the ocean, not the lake, but when the waves in the Great lakes region, is high enough then you can surf. Unfortunately, this is only possible in winter when the water from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius. The water is so cold that you have to smear your face with vaseline so as not to get frostbite. Ice freezes on the costumes, the hair, the face, and water, more variable and erratic than the ocean. This confirms that the surfers in these waters are the most brave. One of the most unusual lakes in the world .

7. Dominica’s Boiling – the boiling lake of Dominica

Next on our list, the lake on which You certainly don’t want to surf, the boiling lake of Dominica. It’s hard to imagine, but the lake is in a constant state of boil. But only boils the maelstrom in the center, near the banks of the water reaches 160-190 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the fact that the lake is under the influence of volcanic activity, there can see very interesting things. One of the most amazing lakes in the world .

6. A Palace in a Lake — Palace in the lake

Man Sagar, the JAL Mahal, was built for Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1700-ies. At one time when there was a severe drought, a dam was built and flooded the Palace.Only the upper part of the Palace visible, and four lower deck, fully flooded. Last time at the Palace, no one cared, and it acquired unsightly. But recently, the Palace was restored and cleansed .

5. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is full of a large amount of methane, when the lake melts it forms a geometrically perfect circle. These circles appear every spring, the largest of them exceed 2 miles in diameter. They are so great, that cannot be seen from earth, or even on the tops of the nearby mountains and are only visible from space. Strange, but no one claimed that this was the landing site for flying saucers.

4. Crater Lake is a volcano

The lake is the Taal Volcano is like a matryoshka doll, which is based on large, about 25-30 kilometers in diameter Caldera. The lake has Islands (Vulcan Island) with craters, the largest lead tours. In the crater there is a lake (Lake Vulcan), with fumaroles and other volcanic attractions around. Also attraction is a small island in the crater of Vulcan Point, which is located in the lake Vulcan Lake, which is located on the island of Vulcan Island in lake Taal Lake, in turn located on the island Luzon

3. Laguna Colorada – a red lake

Laguna Colorada in Bolivia is filled with red water and looks like a Martian landscape. The lake is located on white island made of borax (the material used in the manufacture of detergents). And flamingos love the place, they flock here in large flocks. Third place the Top 10 Most unusual, awesome and unique lakes in the world .

2. Peach lake — ( the lake of asphalt, composed of asphalt )

A lot of asphalt in the lake, is the world’s largest accumulation of molten asphalt. The lake was visited by scientists from all over the world, even sir Walter Raleigh, who used the asphalt for the repair of your vehicle. Asphalt from the lake is even exported to new York, and used for its intended purpose.

1. Sharks in the lake?

The most unusual, awesome and unique lake in the world . Lake on a Golf course in Australia, has recently been captured by the sharks. As a result of flooding of the lake merged with a nearby flowing river, and when the water level fell, a few sharks remain in the lake. Around the lake warning signs are placed which prohibit players to get out of the water lost balls

The Most unique lakes of the planet Earth
  Our planet consists of many unique places which you can enjoy forever. These masterpieces of nature can be called many lakes, especially those to which people have not had…

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The 10 largest lakes on Earth
  If during the upcoming holidays you do not want once again to go to sea, we offer you a great alternative – the lake. Here is the list of…


THE biggest lake in the world
  Tops the list the largest lakes Caspian sea. It is located at the junction of Asia and Europe. The sea is called because of the huge size. Is a…