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Austria — a country where you can always count on rich and comfortable stay. In the programs of travels in Austria and provides not only a fascinating tour of the…

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Beautiful lake


Karelia is truly a fantastic area. In this round You are given a wonderful opportunity to see the unforgettable island of Valaam, waterfall Kivach, the Ruskeala mountain Park, beautiful lakes and rivers of Karelia, the resort Martsialnye Vody, and more.

Tour program:

1 day

7:15 – bus departure from Orekhovo-Zuevo, from the monument “Eternal flame” on the Forecourt. The group meets at 7:00. The bus route passes through the city – Pokrov, Petushki, Lakinsk. 9:45 — planting (transplanting) tourists in Vladimir on the station square near the monument “the Locomotive”. Tourists from the carpet sent on the route from the monument “Eternal flame” at 8:30. 9:45 — planting (transplanting) Vladimiria tourists in the square near the monument “the Locomotive”. 10:00 – bus departure from Vladimir in Karelia, stopping every 3 hours (approximately 1200 km). The bus route passes through the city of Ivanovo. 12:00 – pick up tourists at the bus station in the city of Ivanovo.

Day 2

Morning arrival in Petrozavodsk. Breakfast at city cafe (a covering map). Sightseeing tour during which You will learn the history of the city of Petrozavodsk will see the main historical sites and walk along the embankment of Onego lake is a favorite spot for tourists and residents. A visit to the Museum “the doll House” Tatiana Kalinina. Transfer to the resort “Marcial waters”. Tour of the resort, with mineral water tasting and a visit to the Church. St. Peter’s Basilica. Transfer to Kondopoga (50 km). Accommodation in the hotel “Karelia”. Lunch in cafe “Pohjala” (Swede.table).Free time.

In addition, we recommend:

*Boat trip to Kizhi island – familiarity with the Kizhi churchyard, visiting the Church of the resurrection of Lazarus and the manor at Onega peasant. Cost – 2 500 RUB.

adult/children (under 10 years). The trip lasts 5 hours (approximately).

Journey is a 13-seater high-speed covered boat from Kondopoga.

*Relax on the shores of lake Onega:

– row boats (4 persons) – from 200 RUB/hour;

– Bicycle rental – from 100 rubles/hour;

rental of fishing rods and spinning rods for fishing in the Gulf – from 50 rubles an hour.

Dinner (covered) at the hotel cafe – 220 R.

Day 3

Early Breakfast in the cafe “Pohjala” (buffet). Moving to Rabocheostrovsk (290 km). Water journey to the Solovetsky archipelago. The trip lasts 9 hours (approximately). Tour of the Spaso-Transfiguration of the Solovetsky monastery, during which You will see assumption Cathedral, Transfiguration Cathedral, the Church of the Annunciation, Nicholas and Trinity Church. Walk to the Cape of labyrinths. Lunch in the cafe on the island (a covering map). Free time and Souvenirs. Return to Kondopoga (290 km).

Day 4

Breakfast in cafe “Pohjala” (buffet). Master class in “Karelian Gornitsa” for cooking pies roupette the North (the gate). The release numbers. Moving from Kondopoga to Givesome canyon (25 km). A visit to the volcano Girvas. You will see the famous Gervasi canyon and the oldest in Karelia (about 2 billion years old) crater. Transfer to a nature reserve Kivach (25 km). Inspection of one of Europe’s largest lowland two-stage waterfall Kivach. Familiarity with the reserve, a nature Museum and the arboretum. Return to Kondopoga. Lunch in cafe “Pohjala” (buffet). Tea and cakes (wickets). Free time and shopping. Departure to Vladimir.

Day 5

Arrive in Vladimir to 18:00 (approximately).

Special conditions: the Climate of Karelia is quite unstable due to the influence of the Atlantic and proximity to the Arctic ocean. Preparing for the journey we recommend comfortable clothing and footwear – for the season, to the joy of travel is not clouded by everyday inconveniences. Recommended age of 6 years old.

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