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Volcanic lakes and Italian Goodies
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California is


Many people think that California – it is only the beaches. Probably blame the same American film industry that actively exploited species of Santa Monica and Malibu. Of course, beach volleyball, surfing and tan are the place to be, but this Golden state is not limited. Briefly saying “goodbye!” to the beaches, I went deep into the state, to admire the many other beauties of California. So, what I saw.


Silicon Valley, as befits a valley surrounded by hills. In winter, when it rains, the hills are dressed in green grass and make confusion in the immature minds of traveler, hinting at summer. In the summer, on the contrary, under the scorching California sun-the hills become Golden. At first I was terribly disappointed: how is it, summer, I want greenery, and around one scorched grass. Then I got used and even began to find in it a special charm. Gold hills in the background of a cloudless sky, cows, windmills – overall, there are not many present themselves California. A rural idyll.

Bonus: vineyards with wineries where not only beautiful, but also delicious – 90% of American wine comes from California. Look to NAPA valley, SONOMA, Livermore.


California woods is absolutely wonderful. Here grow the famous sequoias, which are found only in one place in the world – on the Pacific coast of North America. Some specimens reach 110 meters and have fine sounding names of the “forest Father”, “Mother of the forest”, etc. the Sequoia grow not only upwards, but also in width, so inside of some quite easily could drive the car. The trees are so amazing that seeing them is a trip – for example, the Park, the Calaveras caves.

Bonus: the woods are full of creatures. The last trip I was lucky enough to see a bear, only his reaction speed is much better than mine, so pictures on the memory failed. But the deer often come to camp and travel with, full of dignity, bypass his possession.


Mountain system of the Sierra Nevada runs through the Eastern part of California, so the state had reason to be proud of and mountains. The highest point, mount Whitney, has an elevation of 4421 m. Even summer on some peaks you can see the snow and winter here at the expanse for skiers and snowboarders. By the way, if to recollect, that in the town of Squaw valley in 1960 hosted the winter Olympics, questions about where where winter and California, already does not occur.

Mountains are wonderful at any time of the year, but I especially like fall and spring when the peaks of the snow and contrast with the desert.

Bonus: on the same day in California you can go skiing, and surfing.


No one lives in the ocean state. The most famous lake – this, of course, the Tahoe, which California shares with Nevada. Despite his fame and popularity, Tahoe is not the largest lake in the state – these laurels went to the Salton sea in southern California, 170 miles from San Diego. As the name hints, the Salton sea lake salt. In addition to Tahoe and the Salton sea on the territory of the state, especially in Yosemite national Park, lots of smaller lakes, where in summer you can bathe, enjoying the pine forests and mountain peaks.

Interesting and Mono lake. It is known for its tufa towers – beautiful and very unusual.

Bonus: close to lake Tahoe from the Nevada side are the towns of Carson city and Reno, the younger brothers of Las Vegas, with casinos and other entertainment.


Nature to shoot westerns in California in excess. The Mojave desert is still huge and majestic, some parts of it are quite unambiguous names, such as Death Valley where the temperature reached a record +56,7 S.

By the way, in the Mojave desert is the world’s tallest thermometer. Its height is 40 m, and it can be found near the town of Baker. By such tall sights, but still in the desert, you will not pass.

In the Owens valley in Northern California too hot, but brave travelers will be able to see something unique – petroglyphs left here by the indigenous population of America more than 10 thousand years ago. Who said that in the USA one remake?

Bonus: in the Mojave desert is a Ghost town calico. However, you should not be afraid: the enterprising Americans turned a once-thriving centre of silver mining and is now an abandoned town into an interesting tourist place.

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