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Austria — a country where you can always count on rich and comfortable stay. In the programs of travels in Austria and provides not only a fascinating tour of the…

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  There is little that can be as fresh and calming than clear water surface of the lake. Beautiful lakes fascinate you and attract you, while the thrill of diving…

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Taste of Ireland 8 days
  Day 2: Breakfast at the hotel. Sightseeing bus tour of Dublin with a visual inspection of the Cathedral of St. Patrick (St. Patrick Cathedral) (originally on this site was…


The lake of the Chelyabinsk


Argazi reservoir (Argazi lake) is an artificial fresh water reservoir, is located in the Western part of Argayashsky district, not very far of the city Karabash. Serves as one of the reservoirs of drinking water for the city of Chelyabinsk. On the lake you can find wild beaches for Parking.

The lake is located on the border of Argayashsky district and the cities of Ozersk and Kyshtym. Along the shores of the lake are many resorts and summer camps, there are no large settlements.

“Arakuly” in translation from Bashkir language means “Bridging the lake”. The lake is located near the town office and the village Vishnevogorsk. The main attraction – the rock Arkulskiy Sheehan.

The lake is located in the North Caspian area, close to the village Bagariak. On its shores are: village blue village Coach Large and Small Coach. The bottom is silty.

Located in Kasli district. If you are going to Long lake, then you need to go around the North side because there are Hiking trails, walking on which you will open wonderful views of the local countryside.

A lake in Chebarkulsky district, 90 km from Chelyabinsk is just around the corner from Chebarkul. The lake shores are steep. The lake warms up well in the sun – because of akritoi from the wind and their small size.

The lake is situated in the Satkinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region. Translated from the Bashkir means Zyuratkul “heart – lake”. This lake derives the name of mount Yurak-Tau (“heart mountain”) near.

The lake is located near the cities of Ozersk and Kasli. In the waters of the lake irtyash often held competitions in sailing races.

Lake Itkul is located near the town of Upper Ufaley. “Itkul” means “Sacred lake”. Now a mountain lake on the Western shore of which is the rock the Shaitan-stone.

Lake in the Kunashak district of the Chelyabinsk region, is suitable for “wild” rest on the sandy beach, and more civilized – in recreation.

Lake Karakul is located in Argayashsky district, Chelyabinsk region. The lake bottom is mostly sandy. Fresh water in the lake.

On the banks of the lake are recreation, are among the entertainments on the lake offer also surfing. The lake near the village of Znamenka.

The lake is located in Kasli district. Very popular among tourists. On the banks of the lake are the city of Snezhinsk and the village of Vozdvizhenka.

Lake Kasli fishery. The shores are steep, rocky and often steep. Western shore of the lake is a home and garden on the outskirts of Vishnevogorsk.

Lake Turgoyak is located near Miass town of the Chelyabinsk region. It’s a mountain lake so the water is clean and clear. Located on the shore of the cottage and a holiday home.

And again the lake Bursal
  Yesterday, squally wind without repeated trip on lake Borlynskoe to enjoy fully its beauty. The lake is Unique, with the tides, very volatile, there is no source that feeds…

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Who kills the unique lake Bolshoye Toko: Mechel
  In February of this year in Yakutsk reserve "Big Game" recessed heavy dozer type by Caterpillar or Komatsu . Dozer tried to get in the winter with the help…


Killarney is a charming Irish town
Killarney (which means "Church thorn branch") is located on the coast in the South-Western corner of Ireland. There are well-known lakes of Killarney. The beauty of the surroundings and a…