Cycling through the Karelian isthmus
Priozersk-Larionova-repairings-Brusnichka-6 [10 km] Asphalt highway with heavy traffic. Priozersk-Larionova-Eye-coastal-9 [22 km] Motor to asphalt, then gravel road. The traffic is weak. Possible sand. The roads 11-9-10 [18 km] highway Gravel,…

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Beautiful lake
  Karelia is truly a fantastic area. In this round You are given a wonderful opportunity to see the unforgettable island of Valaam, waterfall Kivach, the Ruskeala mountain Park, beautiful…

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Top 10 Most unusual, awesome and unique lakes in the world
  Not all lakes are as simple as they seem. Some are huge, some as salty as the Dead Sea, but each of them is unique and entertaining. You just…


Bus tour in Sol-Iletsk


Sol-Iletsk is a small town located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, 970 km from Ekaterinburg. There are salt lakes, similar in composition to the famous Dead sea in Israel.

The most famous lake Collapse, where the water is so salty that allows you to lie on its surface, and the composition of the salt solution similar to the composition of the mineral water resort Ust ‘ – Kachka.

1. Mineral (brine) lake with highly concentrated salt water brine: the Collapse, New.

2. Graziani containing brine and therapeutic mud: Tuzluca, Wrymouth (Hope), a lake of Joy.

3. Mineral having a low concentration of salt: a Large city and Small city.

Indications for treatment:

– psoriasis;

– atopic dermatitis children and eczema;

– diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

– diseases of the nervous system;

– diseases of female sexual sphere;

– vascular disease.

Tour program:

Day 1 .

19:30 – check-in and boarding near the hotel “Sverdlovsk” – now “Marins Park Hotel” (opposite railway station), the safety briefing. 20:00 – departure of the bus. : Tea, coffee, travel information, movies.

Day 2 .

Night transfer to the bus. Every 3 hours sanitary stop.

08:00 – sanitary stop in the Orenburg region the Breakfast (on your own). Parking 1 hour. 09:00 – depart. In transit: after Orenburg – sightseeing information about city of Salt-Iletsk, movies.

13:00– 14:00 – arrival in Sol – Iletsk, check in to the hotel.

2nd – 9th day . Therapeutic recreation on lakes.

11:00 – checkout time at hotels, free time

17:30 – pick up tourists in a bus (collection of places)

18:00 – departure from city of Sol – Iletsk. Every 3 hours – sanitary stop, stop for dinner and Breakfast, movies.

10th day .

14:00 – 16:00 – arrival in Ekaterinburg to the hotel “Marins Park Hotel” (opposite railway station).

Please bring: passport/CERT. About born. medical insurance policy, a memo, a boarding pass.

And again the lake Bursal
  Yesterday, squally wind without repeated trip on lake Borlynskoe to enjoy fully its beauty. The lake is Unique, with the tides, very volatile, there is no source that feeds…

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Fishing hunting vacation in Karelia
[caption id="attachment_4207" align="alignleft" width="300"] ![/caption] Karelia is often called the land of lakes and rivers. The abundance of freshwater bodies, it is much superior to other areas of the Soviet…


210 million years ago on Mars there were glaciers and large lakes
  Recently, researchers at brown University decided to conduct an unusual study and calculate how much water could be near the Martian volcano Arsia Mons. According to them, the heat…