Rest in Sol Iletskat the lake
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  There is little that can be as fresh and calming than clear water surface of the lake. Beautiful lakes fascinate you and attract you, while the thrill of diving…

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The Lake Kiowa
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The lake Geyser (Blue, Silver), Altai mountains


Geyser Lake (other names Blue and Silver) located on the territory of Ulagan district, 7 km from the village Aktas, opposite the base of rest “Barter”.

The lake is unique to the Mountain Altai, and, perhaps, for the Altay in General. Despite its quite large size Blue lake is very beautiful.

It’s a beautiful and amazing lake is unique to the Altai, as it is still unknown how it was formed. The lake water is crystal clear, has the color blue and never freezes, its surface has circles that periodically change its shape.

Water all the year round crystal blue. The lake is so transparent that when the fish swims, a feeling that the top fin it sails over the surface.

The depth of the lake is about two meters, a diameter of about 25-30 meters. In the lake flows quite a large stream. Geyser lake one of a kind – of rare beauty, clean, non-freezing even in winter.

On the mirror of the lake, you notice stains rounded or oval shape, which is essentially just a reflection of the processes occurring on the lake bottom. Its bottom is covered with sandy-clay mixture gray-blue color. There, in the mysterious depths, from time to time come to life “geysers”, throwing to the surface a mixture of bluish clay and sand that form at the bottom of the lake visible concentric circles. These circles are not permanent, they change shape. If you are lucky you can attend the “eruption” and capture the events on camera.

To get to the Geyser of the lake, from the village of Aktash in the direction of Kosh-Agach you have to drive for about 7-8 km.

Go to the lake through one of the tourist camps: database “Exchange” (796 km), or a new base, “Chu valley” (795 km).

The path from “Chu valley” drier, as the swamp remains, and aside from the base of “Barter” – in short. The owners of the “Chu valley” planned in the winter of 2012 to build a track is to remove felled trees and fallen trees, to make labels so that the tourists can quickly reach the lake.

In these places quite a lot of horseflies and other blood-suckers and can also meet thorny bushes, slippery rocks and muddy soil, so the shoes and clothes suitable need: desirable boots or sneakers and pants and t-shirts with long sleeves. Get some spray or cream against insects.

Take a dip in the lake, but the water is cold and the bottom is clay, and there are practically no approaches to water. But around the lake has trodden a path, walking on it, you can choose the best angle for photography. By the way, if you want to save time – it is better to negotiate with your guide on one of the bases.

From the base Exchange need to move to the right towards the power lines: 500-600 m of footpaths across open countryside to cross the swamp in “the crossings” – the logs that heap scattered here and there through the swamp. Need to stock up on a couple of long sticks or poles, on which you could rely on, turning the swamp. Usually you can find them at the beginning of the crossing. Having crossed the swamp, walking along a forest trail marked with red ribbons, and then go out into the lane lines. The desired power transmission tower is to the left of the swamp, go in her direction. Then you need to go parallel wires of power transmission lines – on them you will be able to come directly to the lake. The lake is in 30-50 m from the support, in the forest, wires, power lines reflected in the water.

Geyser road to the lake from the base “Chu valley” will be arranged in the winter of 2012 – it will be a trail width of 1.5-2 m, passable (all the fallen trees from the trail they would take) and visible. Young people will be able to run down to Silver lake and back for 30-40 minutes, people of retirement age will be managed for 1.5-2 hours. You can walk without wetting the feet.

From “Chu valley” the trail leads to the bridge on the river Exchange (the river here has a width of 3 m), then creeps across the meadow and through the woods to the South-East (about 1.5 km), and the marsh remains below the left side of the trail. The benchmark will still be power lines, and support should be considered. Chui valley near the base (just after the bridge on the river Barter) first tower, and the lake Geyser is located near the sixth transmission line (30-50 m).

The lake Geyser (Blue, Silver), Altai mountains
  Geyser Lake (other names Blue and Silver) located on the territory of Ulagan district, 7 km from the village Aktas, opposite the base of rest "Barter". The lake is…

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