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Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted – a unique lake in Canada.

Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted ( Spotted Lake ) is located in Canada, in a North-westerly direction from the town of Osoyoos (Osoyoos), 8-th kilometer of Highway a-3.

This is a unique spotted lake attracts not only curious tourists from Europe. Australia and other continents. but and is famous for its healing properties. His history is shrouded in legends. The indigenous inhabitants of these places – the Indians – about the healing properties of the spotted lake Kliluk stories. The lake and the whole surrounding territory they consider sacred.

Enlarged map

Long ago scientists discovered in the lake Kliluk a large concentration of various minerals. Here are found large deposits of sulfates of sodium, calcium, magnesium and eight more needed and useful minerals. In smaller amounts found are silver and titanium.

Spots on the lake formed in summer, when the heat from the lake evaporates large quantities of water. The remaining “puddles” is highly saturated with salts. Color “puddles” – green. white, yellow, blue … depends on what mineral is in it prevails. Magnesium sulfate forms a so-called “coast-tracks” around the spots.

For indigenous people, the Indians, the lake itself and the area around it is sacred. This place holds many different events and tragedies, on the basis of which there have been many legends. So, one tells about two Indian tribe that have long fought among themselves. The conflict ended only after prolonged fighting, the wounded warriors of both tribes came to the lake to heal the wounds. Lake Kliluk helped to heal not only physical wounds, but emotional. Since ancient times, the Indians say, and healing water and mud of the lake.

Physicians appreciate the therapeutic effect of the lake in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases. The owner of the lake, Ernest Smith, had the intention to build on this Spa resort. But local Indian tribes very negative about this idea. Twenty years of continued litigation in different instances. And only in October 2001, the land (22 hectares that cost 720 thousand.dollars) and lake together again became the property of the Indians.

Today there is a lot of tourists from Europe, Australia and other continents, but in order to get to the lake they need to obtain permission from the head of the local community. Spotted lake is visible from the road and tourists and long distance make a great photo. See for yourself.

Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted, Canada.Photo.

Different is the unique lake on our planet, but with opacities, what is unusual spotted lake is impressive. Video Spotted lake or Kliluk Spotted.

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