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The Most unique lakes of the planet Earth


Our planet consists of many unique places which you can enjoy forever. These masterpieces of nature can be called many lakes, especially those to which people have not had time to take a hand.

According to statistics, on Earth there are about 5 million lakes. They are all different in origin, shape, size, composition, water depth, etc. because the lake is a closed basin, they are literally tanks for experimental mixes. They can happen strange chemical reactions, but also to emerge of abnormal create, which you will not find anywhere else.

Some lakes are places of catastrophic events in history, such as falling meteors or volcanoes while others keep the ancient secrets or unique geological formations.

Today we present to our readers the most unique lakes on the planet Earth.

1. Spotted lake

In the canadian province of located the exclusive lake called Spotted thanks to some features that have no analogues in the summer season the water in the pond dries up, and instead there is a variety of colored puddles. Their hue was subject to the type and saturation of minerals.

2. Lake Abraham

Canadian lake Abraham in winter time luring the most famous photographers from all over the world. When the lake is covered by ice, in the water form a mass of bubbles creating an extraordinary and truly magical designs. This feature of the lake due to the algae growing on the bottom that release methane during the whole year.

3. Lake Morning Glory

In the U.S., is the most famous spring, famous for crystal clear waters, and their unusual shade of blue with bright yellow edges. However, due to the custom to throw into the lake of coins and other contaminants color of the pond has gradually changed. Now the tint of the water in the lake is more green than blue, but closer to the shores — orange because of habitat all kinds of bacteria.

4. Green lake

Truly a beautiful pond is located in Austria. It has long been noticed by local residents and travelers who love slow walks on the beach. The area near the Green lake looks like a real Park, which has picturesque bridges over streams, comfortable benches for rest and contemplation of natural beauties. Due to the melting snow in the spring season, the water level in the pond rises significantly, however, the visibility remains excellent up to 30 meters, which enables visitors to observe the underwater world.

5. Ink lake

The lake, located in Algiers, provides a beach holiday. Here you will not find any plants and animals, because the source is filled with natural ink. This is a feature peculiar to the lake by two rivers flowing into it. The composition of the water one of them contains a variety of organic compounds, found himself in her because of the proximity of the peat bogs. The other river contains too great a concentration of salts of iron. The ink produced by the lake, you will be able to buy in Algeria or in other countries of the Mediterranean.

6. Lake Nakuru

Not far from the capital city of Kenya Nairobi is lake called lake Nakuru, coast, which was chosen for the life of the cute flamingos. In these parts you will have an extraordinary spectacle of dozens or even hundreds of thousands of pale pink flamingos. In addition to these birds, here you can meet pelicans, herons and other birds.

7. Lake Mackenzie

In Australia you can look at the unusual lake, the water of which in the dark glows in blue neon. Formed such an unusual occurrence due to the exceptional algae, according to the Newpix .

8. Lake Baikal

Crystal clear water, exceptional scenery on the coasts and the rich underwater world of the famous lake Baikal. In these parts improved the content of oxygen, due to which the flora and fauna of the surrounding area thrives. For this reason, water from the lake is considered to be healing and it has long been used for rehabilitation from all sorts of ailments.

9. Crimson lake

In the Mikhailovsky district of the Altai you can enjoy an extraordinary view of crimson lake, which takes on a particularly rich shade of spring. Unusual color source gives a huge amount of tiny crustaceans living in it. Water pond full of salts which have a positive influence on health.

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THE biggest lake in the world
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