The beauty of our planet

Famous lake hévíz (Hungary)
  Back in my sister Kate visited Hungary. Its emotions and experiences are unable to leave the Marina indifferent. Finally last year, and Marina got there. A group of tourists…

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Karakol lake - Bear mountain
  The Altai mountains – land of the lakes . many of which are known far beyond its borders. Among the most popular tourist sites – Karakol lake . Special…

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Inland waters of Africa
  In terms of total annual flow (cubic 5390 km) Africa is behind Asia and South America. Pools area, length, volume of flow, many rivers are among the largest in…


The lake Geyser (Blue, Silver), Altai mountains


Geyser Lake (other names Blue and Silver) located on the territory of Ulagan district, 7 km from the village Aktas, opposite the base of rest “Barter”.

The lake is unique to the Mountain Altai, and, perhaps, for the Altay in General. Despite its quite large size Blue lake is very beautiful.

It’s a beautiful and amazing lake is unique to the Altai, as it is still unknown how it was formed. The lake water is crystal clear, has the color blue and never freezes, its surface has circles that periodically change its shape.

Water all the year round crystal blue. The lake is so transparent that when the fish swims, a feeling that the top fin it sails over the surface.

The depth of the lake is about two meters, a diameter of about 25-30 meters. In the lake flows quite a large stream. Geyser lake one of a kind – of rare beauty, clean, non-freezing even in winter.

On the mirror of the lake, you notice stains rounded or oval shape, which is essentially just a reflection of the processes occurring on the lake bottom. Its bottom is covered with sandy-clay mixture gray-blue color. There, in the mysterious depths, from time to time come to life “geysers”, throwing to the surface a mixture of bluish clay and sand that form at the bottom of the lake visible concentric Continue reading

The cleanest lakes Russia


IRussia is a huge country, rich in its land and water resources. The nature here is unique and beautiful in each region. Take a look at the map, as evident by their numerous number of lakes, small and large seas akin. The most clear lakes of Russia are under close scrutiny of environmentalists, and some of them are protected by UNESCO.

Tour of the most ecologically clean places of the Russian Federation should be in the plans for each traveler. What place will surprise tourists with its beauty and crystal clear water?

The Lake Baikal . located in the heart of Asia, which is considered the purest lake in Russia, but also the deepest of all the freshwater reservoirs. Unique creation of the nature of indescribable beauty is striking to all visitor in this region. Experience the true scale and beauty of the fairy lake due to the boat trips where you can see many fish splashing in the water and the stately green banks.

Lake Ladoga and lake Onega in Karelia, and water is close to distilled in its mineralization. They represent the beautiful Northern nature with its many narrow bays and Islands. These picturesque lakes claim to be the national property of Russia.

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The Lake Kiowa


The father of the patient, and her younger sister and brothers leaving the young men, went with his army Prince Kiy place for permanent settlement to look. Anywhere place he didn’t like. Finally he came to the valley with the lakes. The largest section of the lake was all the bird rich. He broke camp. The guards got drunk and fell asleep, tired of the constant campaigns. In the morning gulls came and all edibles are robbed. Cue angry and ordered all the nests of gulls to ruin. The soldiers climbed in the lake, but many had drowned in this drowning, gulls pecked and floating Islands are crushed. Hard enraged Cue. On the shore they found the hut of a lonely old man. Decided the old man as a sacrifice to the idol to bring. But there was a thunderstorm and the lightning have split the idol. Then the elder said, “there is Not a house you’re looking for, go back to the Dnieper river and there find a place with high hills, there is your home. And are not staying over. Your father’s dead, and brothers and sister was made”. So did the Cue, and the old man released to the world. The elder told the villagers Continue reading

And again the lake Bursal


Yesterday, squally wind without repeated trip on lake Borlynskoe to enjoy fully its beauty.

The lake is Unique, with the tides, very volatile, there is no source that feeds it…and would wonder if in 30 years it will still be live…

In the lake salt production on an industrial scale.

How much it decreased in size becomes clear when you slap on 600 meters of salt…to get to the water.

Of course, anyone who approached the water as we for the first time, probably mentally said goodbye and with a body and with hodowli and with all the rubber bands. the lake is nothing and no one will be spared. it is ready to cure even people intruding in his possession.

Souls on the Bank of the little rescues.

After the lake we went to wash…

Car wash is located at Novosibirsk highway at the entrance to the city, 150 meters away from the entrance to the city and perpendicular to the road.

Headed by her uncle Sergei. And also washing machine along with my niece.

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Inland waters of Africa


In terms of total annual flow (cubic 5390 km) Africa is behind Asia and South America. Pools area, length, volume of flow, many rivers are among the largest in the world (Nile, Congo). The distribution of the river network and runoff throughout the continent extremely evenly, that depends mainly on differences in climatic conditions, topography and nature of the rocks of certain areas. Along with areas with dense hydrographic network and large lakes, vast spaces of Africa or almost completely deprived local river network. Many rivers do not reach the ocean and end up in landlocked endorheic basins. Almost all the rivers of the continent are fed by rain. Only in the deserts and semi-deserts diet of their soil, and the high peaks of the Atlas mountains and Eastern Africa the sources of the rivers are fed as melt water of snow and glaciers.

The longest river of Africa – Nile (6671 km) at the same time and the longest river of the Earth. The area of the basin of the Nile – 2870 thousand sq. km. the source of the Nile – the river Rukarara in the system of the Kagera river, originating at an altitude of 2000 m. In the next part – between lakes Victoria and albert (Mobutu-CECE-Seko) the river is called Victoria Nile. After crossing lake albert, the river receives the name of the albert Nile. In the upper course, the river flows into the bottom of the gorge, Continue reading

The Most unique lakes of the planet Earth
  Our planet consists of many unique places which you can enjoy forever. These masterpieces of nature can be called many lakes, especially those to which people have not had…

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The Pink lake Hillier
  The Hillier lake (Lake Hillier) located on the Middle island ( Middle Island ), the biggest of the Islands and islets that make up the archipelago Recherch ( Archipelago…


Bus tour in Sol-Iletsk
  Sol-Iletsk is a small town located in the Orenburg region, on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, 970 km from Ekaterinburg. There are salt lakes, similar in composition to…