Lake Pleshcheyevo
  The trip was wonderful! It began with a visit to Nikitsky male monastery, which in Nikitskaya Sloboda. Sunday, July 24th after the divine Liturgy in the Church of the…

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Visa to Finland Petersburg
  For more information, please contact our managers in any convenient way for You: from R+emergency - with your booking of hotel or Lodge – tourists go by the prices…

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Who kills the unique lake Bolshoye Toko: Mechel
  In February of this year in Yakutsk reserve "Big Game" recessed heavy dozer type by Caterpillar or Komatsu . Dozer tried to get in the winter with the help…



The Plitvice lakes


Plitvice lakes are the number one attraction in Croatia. According to historical records, the first mention of the Plitvice lakes belongs to 1777. In 1979 the national Park ‘Plitvice lakes” was included in the register of UNESCO world heritage sites. For the opportunity to see this natural wonder tourists give 200 euros from the person and stand more than five-hour bus trip in each direction. Plitvice lakes-national Park Croatia. Its territory occupies almost 30 thousand hectares and includes 16 large and many small cascade located lakes, 140 waterfalls, 20 caves and unique beech and pine forest, preserved from ancient times and having the ability to regenerate itself. In its territory inhabited by bears, wolves and many species of rare birds and other animals. Inside organized set of routes, from short to long. The longest route (route) is estimated at 6-8 hours and this is real. Long route – a walk length of 14 km, including climbs, descents and flat sections on different trails around the lakes. Closer to the end of a long route through one of the lakes ferry transports. The shorter the route the more “paramiko” it includes. In the Park there is even a small train, which also saves time for those who do not. On routes it is difficult to get lost. Each turn is supplied with an index for each route, so you can just go and enjoy, good Continue reading

The lake Geyser (Blue, Silver), Altai mountains


Geyser Lake (other names Blue and Silver) located on the territory of Ulagan district, 7 km from the village Aktas, opposite the base of rest “Barter”.

The lake is unique to the Mountain Altai, and, perhaps, for the Altay in General. Despite its quite large size Blue lake is very beautiful.

It’s a beautiful and amazing lake is unique to the Altai, as it is still unknown how it was formed. The lake water is crystal clear, has the color blue and never freezes, its surface has circles that periodically change its shape.

Water all the year round crystal blue. The lake is so transparent that when the fish swims, a feeling that the top fin it sails over the surface.

The depth of the lake is about two meters, a diameter of about 25-30 meters. In the lake flows quite a large stream. Geyser lake one of a kind – of rare beauty, clean, non-freezing even in winter.

On the mirror of the lake, you notice stains rounded or oval shape, which is essentially just a reflection of the processes occurring on the lake bottom. Its bottom is covered with sandy-clay mixture gray-blue color. There, in the mysterious depths, from time to time come to life “geysers”, throwing to the surface a mixture of bluish clay and sand that form at the bottom of the lake visible concentric Continue reading

The Exotic tours

If the standard places of tourist pilgrimage is not impressed by you, and in space while it seems early, with a light heart go for its “star of the nomadic” in exotic travel!

The long and almost deserted beaches of the Islands of Thailand and Cambodia with bungalows under the coconut trees, pearl lagoon of Bora Bora and underwater national Park of the Philippines in the Pacific ocean, the archipelago of Bermuda in the Atlantic ocean and the mysterious Easter island with giant stone statues on the coast.

You are waiting for the original and still unsolved European culture of South America – the unique natural landscapes of Venezuela, impressive picturesque villages of India, the fields of maize (corn) and tropical vegetation of the Amazon in Ecuador, Guatemala – the heart of Mayan culture and Spanish colonial architecture, remnants of the Inca culture in Peru, snow-capped volcanoes of Mexico, the cities and jungle of Brazil.

In search of Shambhala, you can go to Tibet and its neighbouring States of the Himalayan plateau. Mountain monasteries and beautiful capital of Lhasa, a sacred mountain of Kailash and the beautiful lake shown once in the paintings of Roerich. The mountain trails of Tibet, you will travel on yaks, on foot or by jeep.

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The most beautiful lake Sary-Chelek
Lake Sary Chelek is the most beautiful lake in the West of Kyrgyzstan. It is a nature reserve (Sary-Chelek biosphere reserve) included in a register of the UNESCO. Kyrgyzstan wants…

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Wonderful lakes of Ukraine
Lakes of Ukraine are scenic places that you like to relax as residents and guests from far and near abroad. Number of lakes more than 3 thousands, but really beautiful…


Volcanic lakes and Italian Goodies
  Trip with a visit to the beautiful surroundings of Rome, lakes of volcanic origin and ancient towns. This is a great opportunity to escape from huge cities, to rest…