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An espresso machine for cars for the coffee-loving driver! | Car News | Auto

Attention all those discerning coffee lovers who want their java a certain way and want it now: This small portable espresso machine is designed for use in the car. A number of different models of them exist, tailored for use on the water in boats, when travelling or when just enjoying the outdoors, but the one that concerns us here is conceived to provide a readily available stream of high-quality joe, no matter where we are or how bogged down in traffic we are.

Eight great gift idea for friends, family members and their cars this Christmas

Christmas, the season of giving. Once again, it's that time of the year where friends and family members gather together to give gifts and exchange cards; showing appreciation to those that we hold dear. What better way to celebrate Christmas than by giving gifts that even a person's vehicle could benefit from. Be it inside, outside, or underneath the hood of the car, we list down some of the gifts that both the recipient and their vehicles would appreciate this coming Christmas season.