Potter puppet pals emmys christmas gift

Potter puppet pals emmys christmas gift

Me and my brother Neil started Potter Puppet Pals, and that's pretty crazy. I puppeteer and help write See also Edit. Emmy's Christmas Gift, a present from Neil. Potter Puppet Pals, consisting of Neil, Alora and Emmy, performed live for the first time at the Boston Yule Ball, Dec. 10, This show was around 9 minutes. Actors for the Harry Potter films wish my sister a Happy Christmas.
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  • Actors for the Harry Potter films wish my sister a Happy Christmas. September 26, – present. External links. Website....
  • Though it's fewer peculiar being than talking on the cellular...

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  • Including to the wish of the on the net attractive be involved in in...

  • Neil Saves Christmas 2. Youtube Heaven PPP: Wizard Potter Puppet Pals' Myspace All the cool puppet shows...

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However, Harry thinks the class is on "defensive martial arts" and kicks Snape to the ground. I managed to find a Potter puppet pals emmys christmas gift to make The Mysterious Ticking Noise be my ringtone on my phone. He has also killed Ron and Harry by the famed Avada Kedavra "Killing" curse in Bothering Snapeand also was killed himself by the self-same spell in Trouble at Hogwarts Potter puppet pals emmys christmas gift June 10th, Voldemort's most famed curse in both the real series and the webseries, is the Avada Kedavra "killing" curse.

They are catchy and creative, and a lot of us really enjoyed watching them.

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Potter puppet pals emmys christmas gift

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Potter Puppet Pals Emmy's Christmas Gift

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  1. The Potter Puppet Pals series is one of Neil Cicierega 's major projects, formerly just in Flash animation, but has now expanded to actual puppet shows and even music.

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