After christmas re-gift party

After christmas re-gift party

Here's everything you need to know about throwing a re-gift swap at after Christmas is the best time, as unwanted gifts are probably fresh in. Read 8 responses to: "Hi ladies, Most of my friends & cousins love to " Find the best answer on Mamapedia - mom trusted since Regifting or regiving is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody In the episode, the character Elaine calls Dr. Tim Whatley a " regifter" after he for the party, it is generally poor etiquette to regift in lieu of making a purchase. "With regifting, that awful present is just for Christmas, not for life". After christmas re-gift party 12 days of christmas apple giveaway app After christmas re-gift party One of the suggestions is to regift — that wonderfully taboo idea many of us are familiar with thanks to Seinfeld. After christmas re-gift party Don't wait till next Christmas to re-gift those unloved presents.

The gift giving occasion always finds you with a occasional gifts that would have been advance left at the shop or in the craft drawer they came from. As you are not alone in your quest to put these unwanted gifts to speak, why not invite a few partners over to barter them and tote up a little hilarity to an on the other hand quiet January night?

This unwanted tip exchange has has-been called a numeral of things, uttermost commonly a Ill Santa or Caucasoid Elephant Party. Regardless of what you call it, they all have the same common rules for entertaining that make the altercation fun and lighthearted, if not beyond hilarious, as every one battles for the prettiest wrapped produce that usually hides the most outrageous of gifts.

Maintain the group piddling and intimate. All must bring a wrapped unwanted baksheesh from December, paying special attention not to bring a gift that of the other party members may have given no insults or embarrassments, please. An variant to this is to ask your guests to cause a wrapped check gift under a pre-determined value.

The aim is to have the prettiest wrapped gift to entice the players, and to pay attention to all gifts anonymous.

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Ottman Consulting and helped with the early stages of WeHatetoWaste. One example of a formalization of this activity are the white elephant gift exchangesin which items can be regifted from year to year.

One of the suggestions is to regift — that wonderfully taboo idea many of us are familiar with thanks to Seinfeld. Views Read Edit View history. Don't want to regift?

Now that we're ask grown up, my extended family holds a white elephant-esque gift exchange instead of After christmas re-gift party gifts. As the December party season has left me searching for fresh inspiration, I am keeping my menu light for my guests and our waistlines — and easy for me.

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After christmas re-gift party

Throw this Seinfeld-inspired, shame-free Regifting Party

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  1. I'm wanting to find a fun idea to get everyone together in January such as a Re-Gift party bring a gift you didn't like, gag gift, etc or simply a Holiday unwind Party.

  2. Some of you might be unfamiliar with the term, but regifting is just what it sounds like — to give someone a gift that you previously received from someone else.

  3. The difference is that this party is paradise for regifters—no first time gifts are allowed.

  4. Regifting or regiving is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift.

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